tattletale High Performance Portable Security System

  • $ 999.00
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  • Complete Unbeatable Security System in a Box
  • Built-In Motion Detection
  • 115 Decibel Siren and Bright Strobe
  • Includes Key Fob
  • Monitors up to 500 Wireless Sensors
  • Tamperproof Design
  • Made in the USA

The tattletale portable high performance wireless security system is a tried and true commercial security system that remains undefeated after 18 years. This unit is built strong for reliable security under the most extreme conditions. Set up is easy, just plug it in and protect it all. tattletale is ready to protect right out of the box, each high performance unit can manage 500 wireless sensors within its astonishing half mile radius. Made in the USA

Fastest Cellular Alarm Signal

tattletale is powered by Verizon and responds with an alarm signal in 3/10 of a second. Most importantly, unlike other security systems, there are no phone lines to cut.

Sealed and Tamperproof

Patented Rattlesnake Technology takes portable, wireless commercial security to the next level. tattletale cannot be tampered with once it is activated. Pick it up or beat it up when armed and it sends out an instant alarm signal.

20+ Hour Battery Backup

Even when the power goes out or unplugged tattletale won’t stop. It’s fully rechargeable back-up battery keeps you security system on even when the power isn't.

Siren and Warning Strobe

The tattletale High Performance Portable Security System is equipped with a 115 decibel siren and a bright strobe, which warn intruders and eliminate threats when the alarm is triggered.

Built-In Motion Detector with 30ft Range

A passive infrared motion sensor located on the front of the unit won't miss a single intrusion with it's 30ft detection range.

3000ft Wireless Sensor Range

Wireless sensors can be placed up to 3000ft away from the base unit providing perimeter protection that can even communicate through buildings.

Remote Arm/Disarm

tattletale comes equipped with a wireless key fob, allowing you to remote arm, disarm, and even set off a panic alarm. tattletale can support up to 125 different users on one base unit.

tattletale is the Ultimate Telling Machine

The tattletale mobile app tells you what you need to know by sending you a text whenever an alarm is triggered. You can even view event history and arm and disarm your tattletale straight from your phone.

24/7 Monitoring with no contracts

$45.00 per month. Contacts fire, police & emergency medical along with calling & texting your cell phone.

$35.00 per month. Only sends a text alert to your cell phone.