tattletale Residential Unit

tattletale Residential Unit

  • $ 399.00
    Unit price per 

  • Built in Motion Detector, Siren, and Strobe Light
  • Portable, Wireless, Instant
  • 30 Second Set-Up, No Installation
  • Made in the USA 
  • Fastest Cellular Alarm Signal, Powered by Verizon

On Demand Monitoring, No Contracts

$28.95 per month. Contacts fire, police & emergency medical along with calling & texting your cell phone.

$20.95 per month. Sends you an email and a text alert to your cell phone

You can't defeat a tattletale

Each unit is sealed and tamperproof meaning there are no wires to cut. Rattlesnake technology makes it unbeatable. When armed, the signal is immediately sent anytime tattletale is picked up or tampered with.

Built-in Unbeatable Protection

tattletale comes ready to protect you right out of the box using its built-in motion detector with 30ft range. Just aim it at what you want to protect and it’s safe. tattletale is fully equipped with a 95 decibel siren and warning strobe. It couldn't be easier.

500ft Wireless Sensor Range

tattletale can grow with you protecting anything inside or outside with a wide range of wireless sensors available. You can add up to 95 sensors to talk simultaneously to your base unit.

Sets up in 30 seconds

Simply plug tattletale in and it’s ready to be activated. The available wireless sensors are also easy to install and pair to your base unit in seconds. tattletale also features a 20+ hour battery backup so it can keep you safe even when the power is out.

tattletale is the Ultimate Telling Machine

The tattletale mobile app tells you what you need to know by sending you a text whenever an alarm is triggered. You can even view event history and arm and disarm your tattletale straight from your phone.